The briefing supports the idea of Multi-level Energy Dialogue Platforms proposed in the draft report of the co-rapporteurs in the European Parliament and in amendments of some other members of the European Parliament. In order to strengthen the proposals of MEPs, Energy Cities and ClientEarth provide in this briefing some further recommendations, such as, e.g. integration into the Platforms of a climate dimension.

We strongly believe that permanent structures of dialogue involving local authorities, civil society, business community, investors, other relevant stakeholders and the general public are necessary to carve out a space for local and regional actors in the decision-making process on climate and energy issues. The Energy Union Governance should not be merely a burdensome, administrative planning and reporting process for Member States towards the European Commission. Instead, it should serve as a key mobilizing and co-designing process, involving all energy transition stakeholders, in order to trigger the appropriate investment indispensable to fully decarbonize the EU economy by 2050.

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Published October 9, 2017
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