The UNFCCC REDD plus Safeguards constitute an international framework of social, environmental and governance principles, under which any REDD plus action or activity should be implemented. By following this framework, countries can both minimize risks posed by REDD plus, and go beyond risk minimization, maximizing the potential for realizing multiple benefits carbon and non-carbon).

In order to ensure that the UNFCCC REDD plus Safeguards are addressed and respected; is important to develop a clear understanding of the content and objectives encompassed in them, and the international legal obligations associated with them. This guidance aims to assist national and local policy makers, local community and indigenous peoples’ representatives, civil society, donors and REDD plus practitioners in understanding and implementing the UNFCCC REDD plus Safeguards.  The guide provides a legal analysis of the substantive obligations contained in the UNFCCC REDD plus Safeguards by drawing on relevant and applicable international legal obligations, and identifies potential implementation measures to ensure their effective implementation.

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Published June 1, 2013
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