Access to information rights in the Trade Secrets Directive

Throughout 2015 ClientEarth’s EU Aarhus Centre worked intensively on the EU’s adoption of the Trade Secrets Directive, due to its potential negative impact on the public access to environmental information and the associated rights enshrined in the UN Aarhus Convention. This briefing takes a detailed look at the directive’s inception and drafting, its main provisions and passage through the legislative process. It deals with these issues only to the extent that they affect public access to information, although the directive has far-reaching impacts for other policy areas, such as worker mobility. It argues that both the content of the directive and the decision-making process leading to its adoption are indicative of an increasing trend within the EU to pursue an agenda of economic growth and competitiveness at the expense of the democratic principles of public access to information, transparency and accountability.

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Published January 30, 2016
Found in Rule of law