Achieving credible EU - wide verification of biofuel sustainability

This briefing is intended to clarify issues arround the verificaton of biofuel compliance wth sustainability criteria.

ClientEarth believes that verification is key: even the strongest sustainability criteria would be just words without credible monitoring and enforcement.

The briefing makes a series of recommendations, in particular to:

a)    Clarify – in a binding way – the criteria that the Commission should apply in recognising voluntary certification schemes as capable of providing a presumption (not final evidence, as is currently the case) of biofuel compliance with sustainability criteria.

b)    Harmonise the rules applicable to all verification mechanisms (voluntary certification schemes, Member State systems and voluntary agreements) with a view to ensuring their credibility and – on the basis of trust – allowing mutual recognition of sustainability attestations;

c)    Introduce a continuous learning mechanism that, based on experience gathered, requests the Commission to periodically make proposals to promote best practice in verification.

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Published November 12, 2013
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