Ask the right question, get the right answer: Scientific advice for bycatch or non-targeted stocks that have zero catch advice

The official scientific catch advice for several bycatch or non-targeted fish stocks is that there should be 0 catch next year to allow them to recover. For some of these stocks the European Commission has been requesting another type of scientific information on alternative catch scenarios, aimed at replying to the question: if we follow the stock-specific advice for the target stocks, how much of the bycatch stocks would we end up catching? This question does not reflect the sustainability requirements enshrined in the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), and the answer to such requests cannot be considered as the official catch advice for these bycatch or targeted stocks.

This mini briefing explains to decision-makers why they need to treat such alternative scenarios with caution and what scientific advice they should take into account when setting the TACs for these stocks, and urges them to implement effective bycatch reduction and rebuilding measures to help these stocks to recover in line with the CFP’s sustainability requirements”.

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Published July 30, 2020
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