This report assesses the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy Basic Regulation (CFP Basic Regulation)1 from 2014 (when it entered into force) up to and including April 2016. It does so in relation to a number of areas that ClientEarth regards as key to a successful, sustainable, and ecosystem-based fisheries policy. These are:

  • Maximum sustainable yield (MSY);
  • An ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management;
  • Coherence with EU environmental legislation; and
  • Data collection and transparency.

Progress in relation to these key areas is explored in sections 2 to 6 of this report, and a detailed, article-by-article, analysis can be found in the spreadsheet published alongside this report. Due to the wide range of mandatory obligations and discretionary actions that could be taken, particularly by Member States, this report should not be seen as comprehensive, but rather as a starting point to begin collecting information on what has – or has not – happened under the reformed CFP. We therefore invite stakeholders who have information on actions that have been taken to submit this information by emailing us, and we will update these documents.

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Published June 21, 2016
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