ClientEarth letter to Commission regarding the Commission’s upcoming TAC proposal and its approach to the 2019 fishing opportunities in the Northeast Atlantic

This letter to the Commission summarises ClientEarth’s key priorities and outstanding questions regarding the TAC proposal for 2019 and the Commission’s approach to the subsequent negotiations in the lead-up to December Council.

This letter was sent to the Commission (DG Mare, Directorate C) in October before its TAC proposal for fishing opportunities in 2019 in the Northeast Atlantic was published. It particularly addresses the following key priorities:

  • TACs following scientific advice, irrespective of whether this is MSY-based or based on the ICES precautionary approach, both for ‘target’ and for ‘bycatch’ stocks, as well as the need for clear explanations and evidence to be provided where a decision is nevertheless taken to diverge from scientific advice
  • TAC removal being considered only as a last resort and in line with the best available scientific advice, and subject to strict conditions regarding the introduction of effective alternative measures and monitoring processes
  • Clarity regarding the use of TAC adjustments (formerly ‘quota top-ups’, read our briefing on this topic here) to account for changes in the landing obligation coverage
  • Transparency in the decision-making process regarding 2019 fishing opportunities, including a clear list of documents to be published by decision-makers.

For further information, read our more detailed response to the Commission’s consultation on fishing opportunities for 2019, which was included as an Annex to the letter.

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Published October 23, 2018
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