The UK coalition government has made a policy commitment to introduce CO2 emissions performance standards (EPS) for the power sector. ClientEarth is working to ensure optimum design of statutory EPS in the UK. Recently the House of Commons made a call for evidence on the design of EPS. ClientEarth has responded to the committee, as well as taking a stand on key statutory design features and on the minimum levels of ambition required, so that EPS will become a powerful and multipronged tool to drive the decarbonisation of our energy sector.

Among other conclusions, ClientEarth's submission emphasise that the EPS provisions must be designed to be applicable across fossil fuel generations raher than being limited to coal power. It also states that the EPS level for new power generation must be set so as to  prevent new coal and inefficient gas generation unless fully equipped with CCS technology from the outset. Additionally, the legislation must set a final date by which the government will introduce EPS for all existing power generation to compel widespread retrofit of CCS technology in the 2020s. This regulatory certainty will shut the door on new unabated coal and kick start much needed private sector investment in CCS.

See all evidence submitted to the committee.

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Published September 6, 2010
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