ClientEarth's comments on the European Commission's Roadmap for an Action Plan to tackle better implementation of the Nature Directives

ClientEarth has responded to the European Commission public consultation for the roadmap which will shape the Action Plan for better implementation of the Nature Directives.

The Roadmap sets out a number of areas that the Plan will need to address, including finding better implementation approaches, improving compliance, strengthening investment, improving access to knowledge and promoting stakeholder an public engagement.

ClientEarth has said the Commission should be clear in setting out a clear timetable for the Action Plan. It is important that the public is able to have its say on the Plan’s contents. Currently there are very high-level thoughts from the Commission and we look forward to seeing these issues fleshed out in more detail, together with concrete ways in which these goals can be achieved, in a draft Action Plan.

We now invite the Commission to commit to a transparent process that also ensures effective public participation.



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Published March 14, 2017
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