Competent Authorities: Roles and Responsibilities under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs

The EU Timber Regulation and VPA Regulation both require Member States to designate competent authorities to be responsible for the application of the terms of each regulation in their own jurisdictions. In both cases these competent authorities occupy an important position, with roles designed to ensure that the aims and detail of the relevant regulation are achieved.

This briefing highlights the key roles and responsibilities of competent authorities under the Timber Regulation and VPA Regulation and identifies central questions yet to be resolved.  This includes how the demands made of competent authorities under both regulations must shape their respective processes and resources, noting points of overlap and difference. From this analysis, we draw conclusions about considerations that must be reflected in the designation of competent authorities for these regulations to operate coherently within Member States and the EU as a whole.

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Published April 1, 2012
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