Considering how the EU Timber Regulation may inform systems of governance for the sustainable production of commodities impacting forest ecosystems

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber on the EU market and demands that the regulated party exercises due diligence as to the risk that they may do so. This paper considers how the systems and approaches of the EUTR may inform future measures to support the sustainable production of timber and other commodities that derive from or otherwise exert pressure on forest ecosystems.

Relevant factors include how to balance the use of voluntary and legal frameworks and how to create a regulatory system that is sufficiently transparent and enables participation whilst ensuring effective enforcement. This paper analyses how the experience of implementing the EUTR, with regard to these and other points,  may usefully inform future governance approaches for the sustainable production of commodities that impact forest ecosystems.

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Published February 1, 2013
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