Contribution by energy efficiency to the goals of the Effort Sharing Decision

This briefing analyzes links and influences between EU energy efficiency policy and the Effort Sharing Decision (ESD), the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR) 525/2013/EU and Implementing Regulation 749/2014/EU.

In particular it focuses on three dimensions: goals, planning and reporting, and ESD flexibility mechanisms. The aim of the briefing is not only to present the current relationship between non-ETS regulations and energy efficiency, but also to provide some ideas on how to potentially strengthen energy efficiency in the ESD/MMR in the EU 2030 climate and energy regulations.

Energy efficiency is one of the policy areas contributing to the achievement of the ESD goals. However, the potential for mutual reinforcement is not exploited enough, while this should be the case in order to properly implement the Efficiency First Principle. The Efficiency First Principle means that concrete policies and measures should be undertaken wherever efficiency is more cost-effective or valuable than equivalent supply-side resources. In line with Efficiency First, the contribution by energy efficiency to EU climate goals shall be properly taken into account and accorded proper attention.


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Published January 20, 2016
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