How can the recast Electricity Regulation set strong rules for the new 'EU DSO entity'?

As the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council start their last rounds of Trilogue negotiations around the electricity market legislation for the European Union, the co-legislators have the task of ensuring that the proposed recast Electricity Regulation sets strong rules for the EU DSO entity.

In particular, the Electricity Regulation shall (i) ensure accountability and adequate supervision of the EU DSO entity; (ii) guarantee the independence of the new body; (iii) place a clear mandate on the new body to contribute to the achievement of energy and climate targets; (iv) ensure that the voices of smaller and independent DSOs are sufficiently represented in the governance of the EU DSO entity.

This briefing highlights key aspects of the Council and European Parliament's positions that may undermine the EU DSO entity's independence, representativeness and legitimacy. It also sets out recommendations for addressing these concerns and ensuring good governance of the new entity.”

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Published November 12, 2018
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