The subject of this complaint is the approved logging on the territory of the Białowieża Forest District, one of the three forest districts managed by the State Forest Services in Białowieża Forest, Poland.

On 25 March 2016, the Polish Minister of Environment approved the annex to the Forest Management Plan (FMP) of the Białowieża Forest District. With this decision, the limit on timber harvest for the 2012-2021 period was raised to 188 000 m3. This is a threefold increase of the limit previously set for this Forest District and will lead to increased logging in the Natura 2000 site.

Białowieża Forest District falls within a Natura 2000 site – Białowieża Forest (PLC 200004). The site was chosen for protection by Poland and was designated as a Natura 2000 site in 2004 because it is home to a number of species and habitats which are protected under the EU Habitats Directive and under the EU Birds Directive. Due to its status as a Natura 2000 site, special rules apply when projects are planned to take place in that area. These rules were not followed by the Minister of the Environment when he approved an increase of the limit of timber harvesting in this area.

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Published April 19, 2016
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