Law - 1956 - Public Lands Law - Liberia

Included in the 1956 Liberian Code of Laws, the Public Lands Law provides for the establishment of land commissioners tasked with ensuring that any public land about to be sold is not privately owned and is unencumbered, the issuance of a certificate to a prospective purchaser to that effect. Land commissioners shall also keep an accurate chart of the plots and parcels of public land in the county for which they are respectively appointed.
In addition, the Public Lands Law provides for the appointment of public surveyors, regulates the sale of public lands, the allotment and leasing of public lands and contains provisions on escheats.


The 1956 Liberian Code of Laws has been revised in 1973. The revised version of the Public Lands Law was contained in Title 34 of the 1973 Code.
However, the 2015 Land Rights Act repealed in its entirety Title 34 of the 1973 Liberian Codes of Law.

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Published March 22, 1956
Found in ALD: Liberia - LandForestsLiberia