Legal briefing: A new and comprehensive Fishing Authorisation Regulation

In December 2015, the European Commission issued a proposal for a new Regulation on the sustainable management of external fishing fleets. In 2016, the Council of Ministers adopted its general approach on this text. It was followed, in February 2017, by the adoption by the European Parliament of its own report on this file.

This report introduced some amendments of particular importance to the Commission proposal.

In particular, in order to comply with international agreements and EU law, the European Parliament introduced an additional eligibility criterion to the ones already necessary to obtain a fishing authorisation. This eligibility criterion would ensure that all activities authorised under the new regulation respect the principles and standards of the Common Fisheries Policy, especially as they related to the sustainability of the planned operations in the high seas.

This briefing was updated in March 2017.

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Published March 3, 2016
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