Legal options for designing an indicator framework to support a credible Energy Union Governance System

The European Commission will propose a legislative initiative, at the end of 2016, on the governance of the Energy Union, which will contain simplified and streamlined provisions for post-2020 climate and energy planning, reporting, and monitoring. In this new Energy Union governance system, indicators will be an important tool in ensuring that Member States and the EU as a whole are able to meet the 2030 headline targets and wider Energy Union objectives.

This report assesses legal options for ensuring that indicators are appropriately integrated into the Energy Union governance system so that they support good governance – in particular effectiveness, accountability, and transparency.

More fundamentally, the report is designed to make the case for why indicators should be able to contribute to strategic planning and progress monitoring, to allow a high level EU political dialogue on progress, and to support compliance and timely course correction in case of underperformance.

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Published October 1, 2016
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