Minerals and Mining (Compensation and Resettlement) Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2175)

The Minerals and Mining (Compensation and Resettlement) Regulations list the requirements for compensation and resettlement for any land affected by minerals and mining operations in Ghana.

A person whose interest in land is affected by the grant of a mineral right may submit in writing a claim for compensation to the holder of this mineral right (reg. 1). Compensation needs to consider impact on crops, deprivation of land, commercial structures which affect business and immovable property (reg. 3).

Regarding resettlement, the holder of a mining lease must conduct extensive research (reg. 8) in order to be able to prepare a comprehensive resettlement plan. They themselves must resettle displaced persons on suitable alternative land, bearing in mind the economic well-being and socio-cultural values, with the objective of improving livelihoods (reg. 6).

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Published March 20, 2012
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