NGO letter to REACH committee on the restriction proposal for lead stabilisers in PVC

On 14th November 2019, ClientEarth, together with many other environmental organisations, have written to national governments to dissuade them from opening the gate to a toxic circular economy.

In the context of a new restriction of lead in PVC, the Commission is proposing national governments to allow a much higher level of lead in recycled PVC compared to virgin PVC.

Lead is a famously highly toxic chemical which can impair neurobehavioral function, particularly as a result of childhood or foetal exposure and is linked to lower intelligence quotient (IQ).

The letter calls on national governments to reject such double standard because:

(1) the proposal relies on flawed assumptions to conclude that recycling PVC containing lead will have a beneficial environmental and health impact;

(2) as a matter of fact a higher level of lead in recycled PVC goes against the EU objective to transition towards a circular economy;

(3) recycling is not an adequate waste management option for PVC containing lead.


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Published November 14, 2019
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