NGO Statement: Tacking deforestation and forest degradation: a case for EU action in 2017

ClientEarth has joined other NGOs to call on the European Commission to produce an action plan to stop the destruction of forests.

ClientEarth’s vision is for an Action Plan that influences the EU’s demand for commodities at the same time as supporting stronger systems of governance in forested countries. We see this as an opportunity to create measures in the EU that could build on and strengthen government and corporate commitments to stop deforestation. There is a need for measures that support clear legal frameworks, strengthen land tenure, respect human rights and contribute to addressing the commodities that drive deforestation and forest degradation.

We want to see strengthened implementation of policies and legislation such as the FLEGT Action Plan, the EU Timber Regulation and EU Wildlife Trade Regulation that play an important role in fighting illegal logging and preventing the unsustainable exploitation of timber species because of international trade.

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Published June 1, 2017
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