Planning and reporting obligations of the Energy Efficiency Directive after 2020

This briefing shows that part of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) planning and reporting obligations continue after 2020. Legislative amendments to the EED are necessary to change these post-2020 planning and reporting obligations. ClientEarth recommends that no decisions on energy efficiency planning and reporting are taken before the EED 2016 revision.

The briefing also argues that provisions on planning and reporting could be moved from the EED to a separate piece of legislation. In this case cross-references between the EED and a future planning and reporting law would be necessary. ClientEarth recommends that planning and reporting is regulated by law and proposes using the already existing monitoring mechanism regulation (MMR), which could be adapted to incorporate energy efficiency planning and reporting, as well as other elements of climate and energy planning and reporting, not included in the scope of the MMR now.


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Published July 3, 2015
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