Regional Workshop: Experiences from the FLEGT/VPA process in West and Central African countries

The negotiation of the EU Timber Regulation and its non-legislative acts, and initial steps towards its implementation, have forced consideration of and responses to a number of issues that are also relevant to how Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) operate. For VPAs and the Timber Regulation to achieve their objectives, attention must be paid to technical aspects of their implementation, including the rights, responsibilities and procedures, of how each will work in practice.

The similarities between different elements of these two legal frameworks mean that there is an opportunity for the lessons learnt in the implementation of each to inform similar steps also required by the other. Drawing in particular on the steps taken to date to implement the Timber Regulation this paper considers how the lessons and challenges encountered so far may usefully inform future implementation steps for each legal framework.

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Published October 1, 2012
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