Regulation – 1981 - Forestry Development Authority Regulation No8 on Revised Industrialisation Incentive Fees - Liberia


This FDA Regulation provides for the rates of incentive fees per cubic meter per species of round logs intended for export. Species not included in this regulation remains ruled by the Stumpage and Forest Products Fee Chapter in the 1977 Revenue Law.


The 1981 FDA Regulation has been repealed by the 1982 Regulation (No 9) Enabling a Special Trade Depression Allowance on Certain Forest Fees which contains another assessment of the allowance. The Regulation also deals with industrialisation incentive fee, severance fee, forest product fee and restoration fee.

1982 FDA Regulation No 10 Enabling a Further Reduction of Certain Forest Fees further repealed FDA Regulation No 9. It provides with forest products fee in relation to wood products intended for export.

Regulation No 10 was again repealed in 1987 by Regulation No 11 on Revised Forest Fees and Taxes which details new assessments for industrialisation fees.

1998 FDA Regulation No 23 on Administrative Fees on Forest and Wildlife Conservation repealed Section IV of Regulation No 11 on reforestation fees.

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Published January 1, 1981
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