Regulation - 1998 - Forestry Development Authority Regulation No23 on Administrative Fees on Forest and Wildlife Conservation - Liberia


Reforestation, conservation, forestry research fees as well as various additional administrative fees are applicable to forests in Liberia. Such fees aim at covering the costs of forest plantations establishment and development and conservation of forest resources. FDA Regulation No 23 provides for the rules applicable in relation to forest and wildlife conservation fees.


FDA Regulation No 26 on the Ban on Pit-Sawing/Power Chain Sawing repealed Section IV (c) of Regulation No 23.

FDA Regulation No 27 on the Reduction of Reforestation Conservation and Forest Research Fees repealed Section I, II and III of Regulation No 23.

FDA Regulation 112-08 on the Forest Products Processing and Marketing repealed Section I through IV of Regulation No 23 in respect to the utilisation of minor forest products.

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Published January 1, 1998
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