Risk Assessment under the EU Timber Regulation and VPAs

Both the Timber Regulation and VPAs require an assessment of the risk that timber has been harvested illegally.

The factors identified as relevant when assessing risk, the processes by which assessment occurs, the level of risk deemed acceptable, and the systems and tools used to verify these facts, combine to determine the impact that these risk approaches will have and so where, in practice, the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ risk are drawn.

The systems of risk assessment in place under the Timber Regulation and VPA Regulation are different, reflecting the different context in which each regulation operates. Yet given their shared intentions and interactions, it is crucial that their approaches to risk are coherent.

This briefing analyses the approach that both Timber Regulation and VPA Regulation take to assessing risk and provides recommendations for steps to ensure this coherence is achieved.

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Published June 1, 2012
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