Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) Labelling working group meeting minutes - 20th June 2011 Diversification

Agenda Item 1:
1. Began with three presentations:
• Introduction to the SSC and overview of what ‘species diversification’ is all
• The ‘Fishing for the Markets’ project: results, data collection, future work and
role of SSC.
• The brand perspective on underutilised species - what sells and what is
2. Issues arising from the presentations were as follows:
• Clarified that the members of the SSC are currently retailers / suppliers/ brands
of seafood, but in the future it is hoped to include food service and fishmeal
sectors. Non-member advisors do not make decisions, because ultimately they
will not be implementing the code, but they have equal input to developing the
proposals, through the working groups.

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Published June 20, 2011
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