Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) Members’ meeting minutes 26th September 2012- Foodservice only

Foodservice working group meeting: Summary of agreed points &
1. Agreed: A summary of what the SSC is and its successes would be useful for the
Members when discussing the SSC.
2. Agreed: The sourcing Code is the most important to the foodservice sector, and
members would prefer to work on one code at a time to ensure it is completed in a
reasonable timeframe rather than several at once.
3. Agreed: The foodservice group would like to receive SSC emails only once a month.
Action: Secretariat to send all documents, requests and informatoin only once a month to
foodservice members. Secretariat will send new members an invite to wiki space
4. Agreed: The initial foodservice Membership will be capped at 18 and Members will rank
suggested other potential Members to join this initial core group via email.
5. Agreed: The foodservice Members will read the current draft of the sourcing Code and
will have a meeting in November to discuss it before they feel they can particpate in the
large sourcing working group meetings.
Action: secretariat to arrange this meeting so that it occurs before the next sourcing
6. Agreed: The foodservice Members want to explore the option of inviting NGOs to their
working groups after or during their next meeting.

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Published September 26, 2012
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