Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) Social working group minutes – 9th November 2016

Summary of agreed points
Item 2: Review of comments
• The title of the Sourcing Code will read 'environmentally and socially responsible', to maintain clarity about the scope of the Code.
• Members' commitments (section 3) will be contained in one list, applicable both to social and environmental components.
• More discussion is needed on defining the 'entire supply chain', and how far along the chain the risk assessment should apply.
• A new section will be included under 4.3 with risk assessment criteria for factories. Existing sections on wild capture and aquaculture will be revised to include social criteria.
• As it is expected the Seafish/SFP/Seafood Watch tools will be ready in early 2017, the next meeting will be scheduled following their release.

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Published November 9, 2016
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