Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) Sourcing working group meeting minutes - 3rd July 2012

Sourcing working group meeting (morning): Summary of agreed
1. The sourcing code will contain high level commitments, one of which is to carry out a
risk assessment against base criteria, with worked examples in the guidance document.
These base criteria will be the “commitments” and “considerations” which are currently in
the code, subject to re-drafting. There could be worked examples in guidance, e.g. SFP,
MCS and retailer own.
2. Remove ethics from the code. Ethical/social considerations will be considered at a later
stage, with expanding membership. The code will focus on environmental sustainability.
3. More details in guidance, less in code. A potential format for the code was discussed,
with high level principles including a commitment to carry out a risk assessment against
base criteria (base criteria outlined in the code). See text for detail.

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Published July 3, 2012
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