What Does the Exercise of Due Diligence under the Timber Regulation Require?

The Timber Regulation obliges operators to exercise due diligence as to the risk that timber or timber products they place on the EU market have been harvested illegally.

While the framework of the due diligence system is set out, the Timber Regulation mandates the Commission to adopt an implementing act to ensure its uniform implementation, by all relevant parties, across the EU.

This briefing analyses the detail that that implementing act needs to encompass. It recommends certain specific situations where further detail should be provided to ensure implementation to the same standard. It also concludes that there are other situations where to attempt to define obligations in the implementing act would undermine the intention of the Timber Regulation as the discretion left to operators creates a space that will allow the system to grow and adapt, forcing the strengthening of standards over time.

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Published October 1, 2011
Found in EUTRForests